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Contiki platforms

This table shows the hardware platforms currently in the Contiki code tree.

MCU/SoC Radio Platforms Cooja simulation support
RL78 ADF7023 EVAL-ADF7023DB1 -
TI CC2538 Integrated cc2538dk -
TI MSP430x TI CC2420 exp5438, z1 Yes
TI MSP430x TI CC2520 wismote Yes
Atmel AVR Atmel RF230 avr-raven, avr-rcb, avr-zigbit, iris -
Atmel AVR TI CC2420 micaz Yes
Freescale MC1322x Integrated redbee-dev, redbee-econotag -
ST STM32w Integrated mb851, mbxxx -
TI MSP430 TI CC2420 sky, jcreate, sentilla-usb Yes
TI MSP430 TI CC1020 msb430 -
TI MSP430 RFM TR1001 esb Yes
Atmel Atmega128 RFA1 Integrated avr-atmega128rfa -
Microchip pic32mx795f512l Microchip mrf24j40 seed-eye -
TI CC2530 Integrated cc2530dk -
RC2300/RC2301 Integrated sensinode -
6502 - apple2enh, atari, c128, c64 -
Native - native, minimal-net, cooja Yes

Buy Hardware

Hardware for Contiki can be purchased online from several places.

Redwire Econotags

Redwire manufactures and sell the Econotag platform.

Redwire »
Redwire store »


Zolertia manufactures and sell the z1 motes.

Zolertia »
Zolertia store »

ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics provide a development kit for the STM32w SoC.

STM32W-SK Evaluation kit »

Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments produce many of the chips on which Contiki runs, but also sells development boards that can be used with Contiki.

CC2530dk » EXP430f5438 »

CC2520emk »

Seed eye

seed-eye »